Vegan Baked Beans on Toast

Photograph of Vegan Baked Beans on Toast, topped with microgreens

For whatever reason, I feel like I’ve made it my mission to
share the joy of beans on toast. I realize, it’s a bit of a funny
mission. However, beans on toast is a magical thing and if you like
beans, you should eat them on toast.

Growing up in the midwest, baked beans were a thing for nearly
every family get-together. And yet, I never ate them. I avoided
them, in fact. I’m not sure if it was the flavor, the texture, or
just that I wasn’t a big fan of any bean. Luckily all of that has
changed and now I have my favorite vegan baked bean recipe to

All the beans

When it comes to bean varieties, small navy
are the traditional baked bean. I’ve also been known to
use great northern. I’d also highly recommend checking out
and using their Yellow Indian Woman Bean or their Alubia
Blanca. I picked up a bag and the texture of these beans is perfect
for a long-baked dish.

The sweetener

I usually stick with molasses, maple syrup, or honey but I have
a weakness for dark muscovado sugar. This unrefined cane sugar has
all of the molasses, making it a rich/moist sweetener. Paired with
an extra bit of molasses, it makes these beans really shine. Of
course, if you can’t find muscovado sweetener, use a bit more
molasses or swap for brown sugar.

Keep it vegan

Traditional baked beans use bacon and while I could definitely
swap in something more substantially meat-like, I don’t care. For
me, the bacon brings the smoke and that’s why I can’t recommend
enough picking up a bottle of smoked salt. Paired with the smoked
paprika, you’re good-to-go, sans bacon.

Also, look for vegan Worcestershire sauce. Annie’s has a solid
one and sometimes stores carry at least one other variety. This
sauce is good to keep on hand for an extra boost of fermented
goodness to many meals.

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Overhead photo of a piece of toast topped with vegan baked beans and broccoli microgreens.

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Vegan Baked Beans on Toast

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