Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe uses a number of my favorite techniques: mashing,
slathering, and drizzling. Imagine a Shepherd’s pie meeting the
flavors of an Indian samosa. That’s where we’re headed.
Shepherd’s pies are typically lamb or meat based, but this is a
veg-friendly version.
Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd's Pie

The Process

Here’s how this shepherd’s pie comes together. It’s pretty
straight-forward. You make a hearty, flavor-packed, vegan base
using split peas (or lentils), chopped mushrooms, spices, and
crushed tomatoes. Layer this under a thick slather of mashed
potatoes and baked until the top is golden and a bit crusted. If I
know the week ahead is going to be a crusher, I’ll assemble
everything over the weekend, and all I have to do is pop it in the
oven a bit later in the week. Give it a go, this has been on repeat
all winter.


I forget to mention this in the video, but you can certainly
create smaller, individual pies – they’re cute, and people love
getting their own. And you can absolutely swap in sweet potatoes,
just give them a quick peel first.

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Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd’s Pie

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