Lucy Lockett IV

November 24 & December 15, 2018

In spite of its veg-friendly menu and proximity to our home,
Lucy Lockett has never quite become a regular breakfast haunt of
ours. Since we
last visited
it’s changed hands and, if anything, become even
more veg-oriented! Of the 20 core dishes listed, 14 are vegan by
default, 4 more are vegetarian, and optional meat add-ons are
listed to the side (gluten-free options are also marked). 

Staples like granola and smashed avocado are present but
overwhelmed with more creative alternatives: tofu and black bean
meatballs, smashed peas, savoury waffles, and sweet rice paper
rolls stuffed with tropical fruit. Their pun-based names will
elicit a measure of chuckles (All I Avo Wanted, Om-E-Lette Ya
Finish), yawns (Balls To The Wall, Me-Soooo Vegan) and groans (You
A Fun-ghi? Kale Me).
My first order from this new menu was named, prepared, and
priced well: the Why So Cereal? granola ($13, pictured above). It
was crunchy with nuts and quinoa, topped with strawberry slices,
coconut yoghurt and dark chocolate shards.

Michael took on the Not Eggsactly ($17), a plate of toast
spilling over with chilli tofu scramble, as well as beans, spinach,
cherry tomatoes and a mock-egg seasoning of black salt.

A couple of weeks later, we swung around for more. Michael
happily cleared a plate called the Boulevard of Broken Greens
($19): this is a medley of asparagus, broccoli, beans and kale with
pesto, chilli, and nut cheese on sourdough toast.

I made slower, but equally happy, progress through B*tch Peas
($19), which was the most popular order in the cafe that day. At
its centre is a huge mound of smashed peas with rocket salad, goat
feta and a poached egg. It’s ringed with potato hash chunks, strips
of haloumi, and some dark oily pesto. Magnificent!

Staff at Lucy Lockett are equal parts cheerful and capable,
and on a good day there are dogs out front. There’s really no
reason why we wouldn’t continue working through those 18 vegetarian


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Lucy Lockett
140 Barkly St, Brunswick
8388 7138

drinks pt 1
drinks pt 2

Accessibility: The entry is flat and the interior is
spacious. We ordered at our table and paid at a low-ish counter.
The toilet is unisex and has a big cubicle and a change table, but
access requires negotiating a small flight of steps.

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian
Lucy Lockett IV

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