Fried chicken, chips and global warming | Letters

Readers discuss the rights and wrongs of eating meat when the world faces the challenge of climate change

Some of the last week’s news items paint a grim portrait of our world: a final warning about climate change (Global warming must not exceed 1.5C, landmark UN report warns, 8 October) and our meat consumption (Huge cut in meat eating vital to curb global warming, 11 October). In the meantime, large parts of our country are as malnourished as ever in spite of the glut (UK’s ‘food deserts’, 12 October).

I live in an area served by numerous convenience stores and fried chicken, pizza and kebab shops. There is a strong community of independent grocers stocking a wide range of fresh produce and all the exotic ingredients that home cooks could want. And we have a fiercely independent scene of local traders who sell their crafts at regular inner-city markets too.

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Source: theguardian
Fried chicken, chips and global warming | Letters

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