cozy cabbage and farro soup

April, Food52’s
Cookbook Club
chose Smitten Kitchen Every Day
as their book to cook through that month, but I promise, this
isn’t the point at all. The club has monthly picks and a yearly
Bonus Book, a cookbook participants cook through at their leisure.
So while April was my book’s month, for 2018, that book was

Six Seasons
by Joshua McFadden.

cabbage deserves love and adorationthinly sliced

I already loved this book. We talked about it that month in
regard to a
crunchy asparagus salad that I mixed with chopped jammy eggs on
, with a photo that still makes me smile. I told you that
you needed to buy that book right then, especially if you also
delighted in inventive but not overly complicated vegetable
preparations (225 of them, even) and things you hadn’t thought of
but would immediately tuck into your repertoire.

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cozy cabbage and farro soup

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