bodega-style egg and cheese sandwich

many New Yorkers, I have strong feelings about bodegas (adoration
born of dependence) that go from the bodega cats to the stuffed
shelves (mine appears to carry more items than our Trader Joe’s),
to the griddles. I am in awe of the people who cook at them. I am
constitutionally incapable of multitasking, I can barely handle
simultaneously cooking a dinner and a side dish without setting
fire to one or the other, but they make half a dozen different egg
sandwiches at a time like its nothing.

quick whiskpour the egg flatcheese in the middlefoldall tucked indone in one minute

I know the BEC (bacon egg and cheese) is the gold standard of
bodega breakfast sandwiches, but I like my bacon crisp and on the
side, thank you very much, and rarely on a Monday morning. My order
is always an egg-and-cheese on rye toast, and truly one of the most
blessed things about NYC is that is rye bread is often considered a
standard bread option. My only quibble with them is that often the
cheese isn’t melted enough either because the cheese was not
engineered with melting in mind (ghastly) or because it wasn’t
given long enough to heat up. I am not giving cooking tips (please
cancel me immediately if I do) to someone making me an egg sandwich
for $5 so instead try to make them at home as often as possible
where I have my own little method that ensures that the cheese is
always melty.

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bodega-style egg and cheese sandwich

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