January 22, 2019

Our Hobart friend Liz kindly booked the three of us a table at
Aløft when we stopped by Hobart in January. This restaurant’s been
operating from the fancy Brooke St pier for a couple of years, and
has an entire glass wall offering a view out to the harbour. (We
ended up just basking in that view in the moment and enjoying each
other’s company rather than capturing any great shots of it.)

Michael and I didn’t know what to expect: we trusted Liz’s
eating recommendations, and by extension, this restaurant’s. The
less elaborate of the banquet menus is $80 per person, and there
are explicit vegetarian, vegan and coeliac versions of it
available. There’s no problems mixing and matching those different
versions of it at one table. 

For our first course, Michael and I shared a bowl of tapioca
and nori crackers, and then received our own little bowls of
crisp-edged turnip cakes.

There were enough wood ear mushroom dumplings to share around
the entire table. The vegetarian accompaniment was a small bowl of
agadashi tofu in a deeply flavoured broth with burnt onion and baby

The table favourite was the same course for both omnivores and
vegetarians: in our case, the watery texture of zucchini was at its
best encased in a thick, crunchy tempura batter. The batter was
coated in hot and sour sauce, and it all sat on a bed of garlic

I was skeptical that our main course of congee would be more
filler than flavour, but I was very much mistaken! Crisp-baked
greens and roast pumpkin kept the texture varied, and there was
plenty of rayu to liven up every mouthful of rice. This would make
a terrific meal on its own.

After a series of savoury course drawn from across Asia,
dessert had different roots. I was well satisfied by the crumbled
chocolate brownie, with little bubbles of dark chocolate and a
scoop of fresh mint icecream. 

The team at Aløft have really figured out how to create
intense, savoury flavours for vegetarians. Service is great, and
the setting is remarkable. This a special occasion experience with
plenty to offer both locals and visitors.

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Pier 1, Brooke St, Hobart
(03) 6223 1619


Accessibility: Standard access to Aloft is via a small
flight of stairs; contact the restaurant to find out if there
alternative access via a lift. Tables and chairs are arranged with
a moderate amount of space (see photo above). We didn’t visit the

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian

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